iPhone 6 LCD Screen Replacement Kit

  • $49.99

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Kit

Repair your iPhone 6 Screen with Our DIY LCD Replacement Kit

Who is this for? If you broke your iPhone 6 screen, this replacement kit is for you. It will make your iPhone like new again, and by doing it yourself you can save up to $100 compared to the Apple Store.

I never did this before - Can I do it? Yes you can, however keep in mind that there are very small screws and it is a delicate device, so if someone can help you with it when taking the screen off or back on, it would be a breeze.

Difficulty - Intermediate

Time - 15 - 30 Minutes

What's included?

  • Grade A+ iPhone 6 LCD Screen Assembly
  • Complete Premium Magnetic Screwdriver 5 in 1 Tool Kit
  • Scratch-resistant Plastic Pry Tools 
  • Extra Large 5cm Suction Cup
  • 2x Tempered Glass iPhone 6 Screen Protectors

Compatibility - Apple iPhone 6 - Models A1549, A1586, A1589

Tip - Be sure to check out the video below so you can see what's involved in replacing your screen.

How To Fix Your Broken iPhone 6 Screen in 5 Minutes:

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